035, Gardens of the Moon Palace

035, Gardens of the Moon Palace

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Viz Licenses Original Sailor Moon Anime Franchise ➙



HUGE, AMAZING NEWS from ACEN! The original Sailor Moon series, IN IT’S ENTIRETY (even Stars!) will be re-released by Viz on both DVD and DVD/Blu-ray combo packs later this year, uncut both in Japanese as well as in an all-new English dub that will use the original Japanese names! No prices set yet. Viz themselves will be mastering the blu-rays, making sure the colors look as best as they can.

Classic Sailor Moon will also be streaming on Hulu starting the 19th of this month, with new episodes every Monday!

Viz ALSO announced they have the rights to the new Sailor Moon Crystal, and will also be streaming it! This is big news, considering before this announcement we assumed it would be a Nico Nico exclusive.

Read the complete article at ANN for all the details!




And a Sailor Stars ENGLISH DUB?

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